We combine two of life's greatest joys, beer and boardgames, into one amazing tabletop drinking adventure.

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What is best in life?

To feel the bones of your enemy crumble against your jaw,

To taste your own blood as it's washed away by ale and mead,

And To drink until all maids are beautiful.

Barbarians are the ultimate drunken warriors. Once the fighting starts they charge in with reckless abandon and blind rage. Forgoing armour or any sort of protection they become so drunk that they ignore pain and damage to their bodies as they brutally hammer away at their enemies with unstoppable beer fuelled rage.

Getting a barbarian drunk increases their power, so they're happy to go where the fighting is fiercest and face impossible odds. But a barbarian's rage is indiscriminate once they black out. They'll fight whomever is within reach, becoming a danger to their own allies. The violence doesn't stop until the barbarian finally drinks too much and vomits spectacularly. Once this happens, the barbarian sobers up and his bonuses and drunk dice are removed so that the cycle can begin again.

The Barbarian is the perfect choice for someone who wants to deal incredible amounts of damage, but be prepared for all the drinking you're going to have to do. With no protection and lots of attacks, their wild swings are going to draw a lot of attention.

Each miniature is hand cast in resin and comes with a resin base, and 2 drunk dice.