We combine two of life's greatest joys, beer and boardgames, into one amazing tabletop drinking adventure.

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Drunks (2)
Drunks make up the majority of patrons in every tavern and bar. They can come in many varieties, be they angry and belligerent, sleepy, incoherent, or loud and obnoxious, and they enjoy nothing greater, than to watch two inebriated pugilists beat each other to bloody bits, accompanied by roaring cheers and laughter.

When a brawl gets out of hand, drunks quickly join the fray and in great numbers. You can be sure that if one of your fists should stray from its target, that the new recipient, and all of his friends will be quick to return the favour. It doesn't take long before the entire bar becomes embroiled in battle and the city guard gets called in to subdue the beer soaked combatants.

A short game of beer and d6s should include 6-10 drunks, NPCs, and monsters, with drunks making up the core of the combatants you face.

Each pack of drunks is hand cast in resin and comes with 2 legs, 2 torsos, 2 sets of arms, 5 heads, and 2 resin bases.