We combine two of life's greatest joys, beer and boardgames, into one amazing tabletop drinking adventure.

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There's nothing finer to a dwarf than a pipe, strong drink, and raucous laughter. Some might say that a dwarf loves his axe, but an axe needs grinding. Some might also say that dwarves love gold and jewels, but you'd have to dig in the muck to find those. Nay, dwarves love drinking!

In a game of Beer and D6s the dwarf is a tough competitor, and no slouch in a brawl. They're built to wade into the thick of it and take a beating. Their high Constitution and Iron Gut ability ensure that they'll past most drunk tests, and reroll it if they fail.

The dwarf is well protected in a bar fight as well. Their light armour can absorb many a blow aimed at the body with its padded jack and chain mail.

The perfect tank, you can save your drinking for power ups and challenges.

Each miniature is hand cast in resin and comes with a resin base, and 2 drunk dice.

"Wack fol the dah now pay your tab, finish yer pint and to the door a'leg,

There's broken bones and broken skulls when Hangol Dun-grimm comes to drink."

- Dwarven drinking song