We combine two of life's greatest joys, beer and boardgames, into one amazing tabletop drinking adventure.

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A halfling party is usually a raucous and jovial affair with singing, dancing, and great feasting and its folk are quite jolly. But those who venture outside of their communities are a different breed. You have to be tough as nails to survive in the world of men. A halfling who's been drinking too much will tolerate no ridicule from the "big folk" who find their appearance quite comical so in a bar fight they'll take their revenge any way they can.

What a halfling rogue may lack in brute strength and skill at arms, he makes up with cunning and agility. Their size and speed makes them difficult opponents to pin down and while punching a man in the face may be difficult, there's plenty of vulnerable low hanging fruit to be smashed! Halfling NPCs have a power up attack called "Grapes of Wrath" which means they get a bonus to their attack for every drink they take.

Halflings add a delightfully grim edge to a bar fight. As NPCs any player may activate them and use them to inflict hilariously painful blows upon your opponent.

Each miniature is hand cast in resin and comes with a resin base.